What does the term

Really Mean?

   Definitions from Webster's Dictionary

1.  Lyric,  adj.  Also, lyrical.   1. (of poetry) musical.   2. of or writing such
    poetry.   3. ardently expressive.

2.  Theme, n.  1. subject of discourse, etc.   2. short essay.  3. melody.
     - themeatic, adj.  

3.  Content, n.  1. that contained.   adj. 2. satisfied.

The Term and Logo
'Lyrical Themeatic Content'
have been conceived, designed and developed by, and are Copyright  ©  2011 by
Amickable Techniques.

For the purpose of clearly defining the term 'User' in the below explanation: 'User' is defined as anyone who (1) views, (2) reads, and/or (3) listens to any portion or portions of the Written Work(s) which have been, and are, protected by United States Copyright Law.

In essence, 'Lyrical Thematic Content' is the expression of

Written. Visual, Audio and/or in a Poetic form, Written Work(s)  presented Synergistically

as an Art Form by production and presentation which is accessed via the Internet.  No art or music was used to develop the Theme(s) of the Written Work(s).  All art and music was added after the Written Work(s) was Copyrighted to enhance the reading of the Written Work(s).  The User has the option to read any and/or all the Written Work(s) with or without the music.

The Written Work(s) is specifically designed and developed to prevent the User from downloading any musical material used in the Written Work(s) to any computer.  Therefore, no musical material is transferred to the User.

Any music or artwork used is Copyright  © by the original artist(s) and/or author(s).  The User may read and/or listen and/or view but no license is transferred to the User by the author(s) of the Written Work(s).

Each artist(s) or author(s) of artistic, poetic, and/or musical work is credited in the Written Work.  The author(s) and publisher of this Written Work encourage the User(s) to purchase any musical recordings from reputable sources who comply with United States Copyright Laws.   The author(s) and publisher of this Written Work make no claim to any copyright to any music used in this  Written Work.

The music used in this book and the author(s) / artist(s) are as follows:

Front Cover
Bob Dylan - 'Mr. Tamborine Man'

Montgomery Gentry - 'Long Line of Losers'

Chapter  1
Bob Dylan - 'Song to Woody'

Chapter  2
Neil Young - 'Down by the River'

Chapter  3
Frank Sinatra - 'Theme from New York, New York'

Chapter  4
Bob Dlyan - 'Like a Rolling Stone'
Bob Dylan - 'Leopard-skin Pillbox Hat'

Chapter  5
Willie Nelson - 'On the Road Again'

Chapter  6
Scott McKenzie - 'If you come to San Francisco'
Edwin Starr - 'War.  What is it good for?'

Chapter  7
Stephen Bishop - 'Little Italy'
Dave Maloney - 'Plastic Jesus'

The Scrapbook
Paul Simon - ' Kodachrome'
Ringo Starr - 'Photograph'

Chapter  8
Toby Keith - ' I Love This Bar'
The Beatles - 'I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends'

Chapter  9
Jackson Brown - 'Running On Empty'
Bob Dylan - 'Mr. Tamborine Man'
Bob Dylan - 'One More Cup of Coffee'

Chapter 10
Dire Straits - 'Tunnel of Love'

Chapter 11
Bob Dylan - 'Visions of Johanna'

Chapter 12
The Clash - 'London Calling'

Chapter 13
Robert Earl Keen - 'The Road Goes On Forever'

Chapter 14
The Beatles - 'Two of Us'

Chapter 15
Bob Dylan - 'Visions of Johanna'

Chapter 16
Kenny Rogers - 'The Gambler'

Bob Dylan - 'One More Cup of Coffee'
Bob Dylan - 'Song to Woody'

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